Mary Jane’s Story of Connection

It was Christmas Eve 2004 as my fiancé and I walked through the glass doors of the Worship Center at Calvary for the very first time. We had been together since High School and needed to find a place to grow and to heal from our pain.

Just five years before that fateful Christmas Eve service, we made the difficult decision as teenagers to place a beautiful baby boy for adoption. At the time, we knew that we were unprepared to be parents and had no clear direction in life.

I had no idea then what a profound impact that Christmas Eve night would have in our lives. We came in desperately wanting a church to call home, a place to belong, a church family that would walk with us as we prayed for a son who was now growing up with another family.

“I had no idea then what a profound impact that Christmas Eve night would have in our lives.”


The candlelit service was beautiful, rich with music and a beautiful message from Pastor Fred Morse on the Greatest Gift. We returned the following Sunday to get to know more about Calvary and both agreed this could be the place we call our church home. I took a next step to start getting connected by filling out “The Card” and marked that I was interested in Children’s Ministries.

Before I knew it, I was a volunteer serving 3-year-olds on Sunday mornings. As I served and worshiped at Calvary, I began to realize how much compassion and encouragement this group of believers offered.

Just over three years after attending that Christmas Eve service, I was encouraged to apply for a staff position working with Preschool/K kids and their parents. That was March 2008 and have been on staff ever since. Now, I oversee Calvary’s Family Ministries for kids birth through high school.

Calvary has become home. This is where my husband and I were married. This is where my husband was baptized. This is where our two amazing boys are being raised. Calvary is our church family.

Over the years many have prayed with us for the son we placed for adoption, that he would have a healthy, happy life. We also prayed that we would be able to take part in that life with him someday, leaving the door open for him to choose if he ever wanted.

This summer God answered our prayers in unfathomable ways—we have been reunited with the son we placed for adoption. He deeply loves the family that adopted him, and is excited to get to know his biological family now, too. Our two sons now have a big brother and we can’t stop thanking God for His blessing.