Q & A with Jaime and Elena Sanchez

What were your lives like before you knew Jesus?
Our lives were filled with violence, arguing, depression, drugs, alcohol and even suicidal thoughts. We were in the final steps of divorce and surrounded by total darkness with the deaths of our friends through overdoses, suicide, and fatal accidents. We believed we were the next ones to die. And, our children were suffering the consequences of our lifestyle.

How did you decide to become Christians?
In 1998 I (Elena) started working with a quadriplegic patient who had a brain injury. One of my duties was to bring him to Calvary to a group called Humble Praise. He would always ask the pastor to pray for his nurse (me) and I would get upset with him. I didn’t need prayers, but solutions to what was happening at home. After several months, the pastor mentioned to me that they would be starting a new Spanish language service, so I mentioned it to my husband. He agreed, mostly so I would stop bothering him. On the way to our first service, we got into a heavy argument. It continued even as we arrived at church. The leader made a call to whoever would surrender their life to Jesus, that He could give you eternal life and restore you. Without realizing it, we were both kneeled at the front crying and asking Jesus to come into our lives.

What has life been like since following Jesus?
Throughout our spiritual growth and faith our lives are now filled with hope and joy in Jesus. Our lives are not free of problems, but now our help, hope, and trust come from God. Jesus changed our lives and the lives of our children completely. If you put your faith and trust in Him, He will do the same.